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National Child Care Association Presents the

"Teachers Council Job Board"

All teachers have been interviewed and hand picked by Teachers Council.  Below are the teacher's names, a bio and brief description of their background and skills.  These teachers are ready to be hired by a school in your area. 

Give us a call at 1-877-537-6222 if you are interested or need additional information.



Ms. He

·         Nationality: China
·         Years of Teaching Experience: 20
·         Teaching Specialties: Mandarin Chinese for English Speakers
·         Teaching Qualifications:
o   Bachelor’s Degree in Mandarin Language
o   Post Graduate Diploma in Ancient Chinese Literature
o   Junior High and High School Teaching Certifications
o   Passing English Examination IELTS
·         Grade Level Specialty: K-12, can adjust lessons based on age level of students
·         Current Position: Chinese Language Instructor
·         Bio: Ms. He is a versatile and experienced Mandarin Chinese Language instructor. She has 5 years of experience teaching Chinese in public middle schools in China, followed by 10 years of teaching Chinese to international students at the Shanghai University, followed by her current position teaching Chinese language lessons through an American language company to children of all ages. Ms. He uses multimodal approaches to teaching Chinese, from visual lessons, to songs, to online writing practice through a website which she has created herself. She loves to use technology to supplement her lessons, and she is easily able to adapt lessons for students starting as young as kindergarten age, up through the secondary and advanced levels.



Ms. McGrady


·         Nationality: United Kingdom (Ireland)

·         Years of Teaching Experience: 18+

·         Teaching Specialties: Elementary Education, Geography, Physical Education

·         Teaching Qualifications:

o   Bachelor of Science in Geography

o   Postgraduate Certificate in Computer Based Learning

o   Postgraduate Certificate in Education

o   Qualified Teacher Status in the United Kingdom

·         Grade Level Specialty: Elementary

·         Current Position: Senior Teacher

·         Bio: Ms. McGrady is an experienced elementary school teacher from Ireland. She has a passion for the teaching profession and loves to travel as a part of her career. She started her career specializing in geography education but has since been teaching for the majority of her career in general elementary education. She loves physical education and would be happy to also lead after school activities such as soccer or track and field. In addition to elementary education she has an aptitude for the Spanish language through her experiences as a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) teacher in Peru. Ms. McGrady is interested in finding a position at a private school in the Los Angeles, California area.



Ms. Jefferson

·         Nationality: Philippines

·         Years of Teaching Experience: 32+

·         Teaching Specialties: Elementary Education, Special Education

·         Teaching Qualifications:

o   Bachelor of Science in Education

o   Completed Academic Requirements for Master of Arts in Educational Administration

o   Diploma of Proficiency in Special Education

o   Registered Professional Teacher in the Philippines

·         Grade Level Specialty: Elementary

·         Current Position: Special Education Teacher, Grade 4

·         Bio: Ms. Jefferson has dedicated her career to the education of children for over 32 years. She comes from a family of teachers, and is very excited for the opportunity to share her passion for teaching at an elementary school in the United States. In 2007 she obtained her specialization diploma in Special Education, and has since been teaching in an inclusion classroom teaching elementary education with a focus on mathematics and literacy. Ms. Jefferson is open to teaching anywhere in the United States where her skills can be best utilized.





Did you not see someone you are interested in hiring? This Job Board will be updated as needed on a regular basis. Do not miss out, check back at least once a week for new additions.

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