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NCCA supports policies that are beneficial to children

Too often regulations and policies are mandated with good intentions but have consequences that make them impractical to implement in real time situations. While they may sound and feel good they are often an impediment to delivering quality. NCCA in conjunction with our members will work to generate information based upon our years of experience of best practice to deliver the highest quality along with what is most practical for our members. Before we decide to promote or support policy or regulation, the first question will always be; Is this good for our children?

School Choice

The members of NCCA are ECE professionals and advocates. They may be center based providers, providers of professional development to the ECE community, business owners who provide goods and services, or student and individuals that have an interest in early care and education. We all compete for our clients, many times against each other. Competition makes us all better. Parents should have the options to choose among the best programs for their children’s needs. This is good for children and it is good for families. The Child Care Subsidy programs in most states are in fact voucher programs. NCCA supports expanding these choices for all families in all cases.

Equal Participation with regard to funding for all providers of Early Care and Education Birth through 5

Why shouldn’t the current community of center based ECE providers participate in all aspects of federal and state funding of early care and education programs? The history of ECE began with private citizens that provided a service to working parents. Regulations administered by the state were put in place to ensure the safety of children in care. As more research stressing the benefits of ECE became known, government and providers worked together to improve the quality of delivery and facility. We have the experience. It is not necessary to break down the current system by unfairly funding some at the expense of others. This is not good for competition, choice or for children.

Regulations should be equitable, across the board, for all providers, public or private.

If it is good not to have drivers ignore red lights then it is good for everyone. We could not have some people stopping and others allowed to go through. It would be chaos. Everyone should follow the same rules. Therefore some ECE providers should not be held to a lower standard than others. If the care and safety of children matter with one provider it should matter to all. There should not be different regulations for different educator and care professionals of children.


Right to work environment for early care and education professionals

If ECE is not one of the most regulated sectors of the community, it is becoming such. Inspections from Departments of Public Welfare, QRS inspections, accreditation inspections, fire and more are commonplace. In addition, as with any employer, we all must adhere to Department of Labor regulations with regard to workplace rules and salary structures. There is enough ground covered here that there is no need for another entity to be injected. We all know that ECE professionals do not earn the same in salary and benefits that their counterparts in the public arena do. NCCA is committed to a high quality, skilled, and trained work force with the highest salaries and benefits based upon the free market place, demographics and competition.




Every day more regulations and legislation threatens our ability to provide quality early care and education services to children of working parents and to those parents seeking developmentally appropriate and safe experiences for their children. The National Child Care Association is the only voice you have to insure regulations and legislation are put forward for the benefits of children and their parents that preserves the current mixed delivery system of providers. This includes the quality, licensed, center based members of NCCA. We are your only voice.

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P.O. Box 2948, Merrifield, VA 22116

877-537-NCCA (6222)


Helping to preserve a parent's right to choose the quality of a licensed, center based provider of early education and care from members of the National Child Care Association.

"The Mission of National Child Care Association is to promote the growth and safeguard the interest of quality early childhood care and education focusing on licensed, private providers of these services".







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